Zebra Agate Pendant Necklace with Hematite & Tibetan Silver Beads


An amazingly beautiful gemstone.

This Healing piece is truly stunning on with a large focal zebra jasper pendant.

Jasper is a very calming stone and stimulates the Root Chakra.

Zebra Jasper is also a grounding stone, allowing you to tune into Mother Earth and find joy in your surroundings.

Zebra-Stone, Healing and Health

Zebra-Stone is used in healing to stimulate physical energy and increase stamina and endurance. It’s also known to be very beneficial when it comes to treating bone disorders, specifically osteoporosis. It can also be quite effective in easing heart palpitations and muscle spasms

This necklace has tibetan silver spacer beads and is finished of with a 925 solid silver lobster clasp & ring .

Necklace length 43 .1/2cm

Preparation times can vary. Contact the shop to find out when it will be dispatched.

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