Garnet Necklace With Hematite Beads


A Rich Beautiful Garnet Necklace With Flashes of Ruby Red Colour

A stone that symbolizes physical love and the relationship between loving partners


The dense energies of Garnet not only ground one so that they may fully experience physical life, but also provide a powerful shield that can keep negative energies from attaching to them. Garnet is also able to extract negative energies and transmute them into a state that benefits the one using it.

This makes it an excellent tool for healing work and mediation as its vibrations connect directly to one’s highest physical good.

Garrnet cleanses and re-energises the chakras. It also revitalises, purifies and balances the energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. Garnet inspires love and devotion and it  balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony.

This necklace  is finished of with a 925 solid silver lobster clasp & ring .

Necklace length 45 cm

Preparation times vary. Contact the shop to find out when it will be dispatched.

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