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My jewellery is all handmade and mostly one offs: it is both fun and a bit different.

You will never see two pieces exactly the same, I like to use a colourful range of beads which are varied with a mix of different materials, crystal, silver, copper, Indian beads, French beads.

Another facet of my jewellery making that gives me a great deal of joy is my range of crystal healing gemstone pieces. There is an amazing array of fabulous colours and healing properties with the use of crystals that are naturally formed over many decades. Whether you believe in their healing properties or not I just love to work with them, and design colourful piceces that are both versatile and useful.
Many of the jewellery pieces are exclusive, and one offs.

The new Colourful wirework range is all hand made from scratch
Ear wires
Crystal wrapping beads

I like to play around with anything bright and colourful, this work reflects my attraction to rich & vibrant things. Experimenting with lots of different materials is a passion anything with a vibrant mix of colour can be personalised to your liking.

Feel free to contact me anytime for general shop enquires or orders customised or otherwise, I am happy to help.

I can make some duplicate jewellery, depending on requests or certain styles in particular colours if requested.
Please contact me if you would like anything specific or just have any questions that you would like answering.

Happy Customer Happy Shop!

All my purchases to the UK are P&P Free !!!!!

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